Faculty Emblem

Faculty Emblem

The emblem of the School of Law reminds us of who we are and also of the underlying principles of the School’s personnel, students and alumni.

“The Escutcheon” is the shield that carries the name of the University, which is the first international and Catholic university in Thailand under the “Institute of the Brothers of Saint Gabriel Province of Thailand”

"AU School of Law" on the blue ribbon indicates the name of the School, which was the eighth faculty established at Assumption University in 1992.

“The Golden Scale” symbolizes JUSTICE, which is one of the four cardinal virtues. The scale is an international pictogram of organizations concerned with law and justice. The legal axiom “fiat justitia, et ruat clum” means “Let justice be done, though the heavens fall.”

“The Code of Law” requires the law faculty and students to be scholars who continuously improve their knowledge, both academic and general, and professional skills as part of a life-long learning process.

"jus respicit aequitatem" is the core philosophy of our Law School, meaning “Law Abides by Justice.” This motto reminds legal practitioners to seek and rely more on justice than the law itself.

The colours of the School are blue and white. White represents purity and justice, while blue signifies truth and peace. AU Law students must uphold the dignity of justice and truth and place them before their own personal interests.