Rules & Regulations

Lawyers are expected by society to have intense moral, justice, and reason rather than other careers or professions, as well as one of Assumption University’s identity is “Ethics”. Hence, being law students and a part of the prestigious and long history university, students should behave and practice themselves in accordance with rules and regulations stipulated. For instance, the University Regulations on Student Discipline 2017, the University Regulations on Student Uniform and Dress Code 2016, and other academic rules and regulations on Intensive Course for New Students, TOEFL/IELTS Equivalent English Grades, IELTS Test Application, Exam Time-Conflict Procedures, Dismissal/Retired Status, Undergraduate Honors System Requirements, Class Attendance Requirements, Tuition Fee Refund, etc.

You can see more details at the Student Affairs ( and the Office of the University Registrar (