Learner Development

There are 6 desired characteristics of students and graduates of Thomas Aquinas School of Law Assumption University which are 1) moral and ethical; 2) legal knowledge; 3) English proficiency; 4) analytical and critical thinking; 5) leadership; and 6) IT competency. Consequently, the school provides various kinds of learner development programs and activities together with in-class teaching and learning to strengthen essential students’ knowledge and skills in 21st century. For instance, Freshmen Orientation, Career Guidance, Legal Aid Project, Field Trip, Academic Competition, Sport Competition, Art and Culture Preservation, Graduating Student Orientation, and other professional trainings and workshops every academic year. In addition, the school also promotes the importance and roles of the Student Committee as students’ representatives to participate in the school’s educational management as one of its valued stakeholders. A number of student development projects and activities will be created by the student committee every semester to assist the school and the lecturers in fulfilling a quality graduate production.

Furthermore, Thomas Aquinas School of Law Assumption University is the only private law school in Thailand being a member of the Asian Law Students Association (ALSA), an international and professional organization for law students from more than 20 countries/territories in Asia, where you can have a wider vision and extent broader skills in every dimension through the participation in several international and national academic activities in each year. The committee for the Asian Law Student Association of Assumption University (ALSA AU) is a responsible unit for student development on this matter.