Graduate & Professional Studies

With the certification by the Judicial Commission and the Public Prosecutor Commission, our LL.M. program offers a course-based curriculum of advanced study majoring in “trade and investment law.” We limit approximately 15-20 students per academic year to ensure that our students will be closely supervised and absolutely qualified in order to proceed with their goals either in the legal profession or academic or business purposes.

Students can choose their study plan they aim to concentrate which are Plan A Type 2 Coursework and Thesis or Plan B Coursework and Independent Study. The curriculum structure are as follows:


Plan A Type 2 Coursework and Thesis
Required courses 15 credits
Elective courses 12 credits
Thesis 12 credits
Total 39 credits
Plan B Coursework and Independent Study
Required courses 15 credits
Elective courses 18 credits
Thesis 6 credits
Total 39 credits

According to the global trade and investment circumstances that directly impact the country’s economic development, you will be prepared and enhanced learning competencies with these core courses:

LLM 1001 Legal Writing and Research Methodology 3 credits
LLM 1002 International Trade Law 3 credits
LLM 1003 Intellectual Property Law 3 credits
LLM 1004 International Investment Law 3 credits
LLM 1005 Competition Law 3 credits

Moreover, students can also choose several elective courses to fulfill their learning expectations and apply them to their profession or lifestyles in the future.

LLM 2001 Seminar in International Business and Commercial Law 3 credits
LLM 2002 Foundations of E-Commerce Law 3 credits
LLM 2003 Law on Financial Technology 3 credits
LLM 2004 Law on White Collar Crime 3 credits
LLM 2005 International Law 3 credits
LLM 2006 Cyber Crime Law 3 credits
LLM 2007 Government Contracts Law 3 credits
LLM 2008 Seminar on Supply Chains Management, Logistics, Transportation, and Warehouse 3 credits
LLM 2009 Seminar in Intellectual Property Law, Information Technology, and Entrepreneurship 3 credits
LLM 2010 International Taxation Law 3 credits
LLM 2011 Law on International Dispute Resolution 3 credits
LLM 2012 Seminar in Business and Human Rights Law 3 credits
LLM 2013 AI and Law 3 credits
LLM 2014 Law on Sport Business 3 credits
LLM 2015 Law on International Organizations and Geopolitics 3 credits
LLM 2016 Environmental Law 3 credits
LLM 2017 Seminar in E-Commerce and Tort Law 3 credits
LLM 2018 Law on Personal Data Protection 3 credits
LLM 2019 Innovation and Technology 3 credits
LLM 2020 Intellectual Property Law and Practice 3 credits
LLM 2021 Mass Communication and Social Media Law 3 credits
LLM 2022 International Economic Law 3 credits
LLM 2023 International Financial and Banking Law 3 credits
LLM 2024 Advanced Securities Law 3 credits

Thomas Aquinas School of Law Assumption University also provides a variety of business and professional certificate training with collaborations of experts from governmental and private sectors throughout an academic year, for instance, Start-up business and Entrepreneur, Personal Data Protection, Intellectual Property Law and Management, Trade Competition, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Logistics and Supply Chain, Real Estate, English for Lawyers, Paralegal, Business Contract Drafting and Consulting, and special tutoring for law in the judicial process, etc.

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