Research (Being a professional lawyer with in-depth and modern knowledge.)

Thomas Aquinas School of Law Assumption University works closely with the Institute for Research and Academic Services (IRAS) of Assumption University and other external organizations to produce quality research in various areas such as commercial and business law, public law and administration, community development, international law, IT law and technology, and alternative dispute resolution in order to benefit the development of societies and the country with the funding of several million Baht in each academic year.

2.1 AU Law Journal

A hub of legal knowledge for numerous kinds of law written by jurist scholars and practitioners from around the world and nationwide. The journal qualifies in the Thai-Journal Citation Index (TCI) Centre Group 3, and has the publication frequency twice a year: 1st Volume January – June, and 2nd Volume July – December. (Link : AU Law Journal)

2.2 Research & Publications

Our lecturers, graduates, students, and other stakeholders have frequently produced research and academic publications classified by the following categories:

  1. General Legal Principles
  2. Civil Law
  3. Criminal Law
  4. Public Law
  5. Commercial and Business Law
  6. Procedure Law
  7. International Law
  8. Law on Social Changes, Community Development, or Sciences and Technology