Advisory System

Results of the entrance exam and individual interview will be utilized to evaluate the applicant’s learning competencies, attitude, and other pertaining skills. The school will consider and appoint a full-time lecturer who has appropriate qualifications to be the student’s advisor in order to supervise and nurture the advisee from the first step of university life until graduation. Not only consulting on learning issues, but the advisory system will be also employed to enhance the student’s knowledge and capabilities, to help finding solutions in case the student has any problems in his or her life, and to work with parents to encourage the student’s future as their expectations and desires.

According to the course registration system, students are officially required to meet their advisors at least twice a semester, before the midterm exam and after the midterm exam.

For graduate study, since you become an LL.M. student of the school, you can also have a full-time lecturer who has expertise in accordance with your interesting dissertation topic/area as your personal “mentor” to provide guidance and support which are necessary for your learning and making dissertation besides the official thesis/independent study advisor.