Academic Networks

Thomas Aquinas School of Law, Assumption University has a variety of academic and social collaborations in both internal and external organizations to strengthen educational quality and sustainable development of our societies and country.

Recently, we have had an official academic collaboration with Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, U.S., to exchange our students and lecturers to explore and develop their academic potential, including the agreement on join/double degrees of bachelor's program and master's program.

Furthermore, our educational management has been firmly and continuously supported by outstanding alliances such as Office of the Judiciary, Office of the Attorney General, The Judge Advocate General’s Department, Rights and Liberties Protection Department, Office of Trade Competition Commission, Sport Authority of Thailand, Lawyer Council of Thailand, Veritas Law Limited, ACIS Professional Center, the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs. etc.

2.Research (Being a professional lawyer with in-depth and modern knowledge.)

Thomas Aquinas School of Law Assumption University works closely with the Institute for Research and Academic Services (IRAS) of Assumption University and other external organizations to produce quality research in various areas such as commercial and business law, public law and administration, community development, international law, IT law and technology, and alternative dispute resolution in order to benefit the development of societies and the country with the funding of several million Baht in each academic year.

     2.1 AU Law Journal

A hub of legal knowledge for numerous kinds of law written by jurist scholars and practitioners from around the world and nationwide. The journal qualifies in the Thai-Journal Citation Index (TCI) Centre Group 3, and has the publication frequency twice a year: 1st Volume January – June, and 2nd Volume July – December. (Link : AU Law Journal)

     2.2 Research & Publications

Our lecturers, graduates, students, and other stakeholders have frequently produced research and academic publications classified by the following categories:

  1. General Legal Principles
  2. Civil Law
  3. Criminal Law
  4. Public Law
  5. Commercial and Business Law
  6. Procedure Law
  7. International Law
  8. Law on Social Changes, Community Development, or Sciences and Technology

3.Admission (The starting point with trust and confidence.)

You can directly apply to our programs via the university admission center website, ( or inquire additional information from our staff Tel: 02 300 4543 ext. 3782, 3785, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., FB: AU School of Law. Once you applied, the entrance exam and the interview will be arranged in order to know the applicant’s learning competencies to set up an individual plan for learning support and development during the time you study and stay in our school. The preliminary qualifications of the applicant will be shown according to the studying program as follows:

     3.1 Undergraduate Program
  1. graduate at least secondary school 6th level or equivalent, and has qualifications in accordance with Assumption University Announcement;
  2. do not have a disease that hinders education or a serious contagious disease;
  3. not a person who has serious disgraceful behavior;
  4. qualify the selection criteria as specified by the School of Law and Assumption University.
    3.2 Graduate Program
  1. graduate at least bachelor of law or equivalent from domestic or international higher education institutes that certified by the Office of the Civil Servant Commission;
  2. has never been excluded due to conduct or behavior from any educational institutions;
  3. be in good health and not having a disease that hinders learning;
  4. has English proficiency in accordance with Assumption University Announcement No.16/2016 Subject: English Proficiency Standard according to one of the following standards:
Exam System Passing Score
AU English Proficiency Assessment, or 70%
TOEFL (iBT), or 90
TOEFL (P), or 575